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Kaneko Story - The smile award chpater 5 (Last chapter - Continue....... part 4)

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Mr Ikeda says the following:

"Rather than think only of myself, I try to give everyone hope so that they can live happily and harmoniously together. What lies in store for humanity? What will the future hold? It is with these things in mind that I continue to exert myself.
I have no need for material wealth. I simply want to live a life in which I can impart hope to many people. This is my feeling, and I think my wife feels the same."

Your husband says that you have always supported him.

I am neither strong nor wise, but my husband and I pray together and firmly believe in the power of faith and good fortune, something that I am continually learning from him. If one prays earnestly and wholeheartedly, doors will always open.

What I can do first and foremost is pray. I pray for my husband's safety and for the great success of his work. This I will do all my life. This will never change. I, personally, am just an ordinary housewife who would rather not be center stage.

Although Daisaku is in the public eye, I have always wanted to be of service in the background where I can create a family life in which he can relax comfortably and where I can do my best to look after his health. His sphere of activities, however, has expanded to include the entire world, so I accompany him on his overseas trips. Although my preference is to support from behind the scenes, I no longer have the option of remaining in the shadows. My husband isn't young anymore. Since I want him to continue to work with increasing vigor on behalf of everyone, I see my role as guardian and protector becoming even more essential.

Here is how Mr Ikeda sees it:

"My wife would look over the letters and reports from members, even after I had gone to bed. She was concerned about my health and would pray for me late at night all by herself. Even when times were difficult, she would pray steadfastly and with conviction for victory with absolute justice. My victory is my wife's victory."

By popular demand, the titles of honorary head of the Soka Gakkai women's division and of the Soka Gakkai International's women's and young women's division were conferred on you. What's more, you have received honorary professorships and degress from six universities around the world - the first from Flores University in Argentina - and have been named an onorary citizen of more than one hundred cities worldwide. This is something of which all the women of Japan can be proud.

I am humbled to have received these accolades when all I have done is accompany my husband on his travels. We joke that I am the garnish that comes with the sashimi.
My honorary citizenships were conferred based on te outstanding examples of naitonal and municipal citizensip set by the women of the Soka Gakkai International who contribute to their societies in the countries where they live. I have humbly received these honors as a representative of these women, in hopes that doing so will encourage the younger generation. My husband congratulates me in a playful manner when I receive an honorary title by clapping with his two index fingers.

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