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Kaneko Story - The smile award chpater 5 (Last chapter - Continue.......)

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When you say, "My husband raised me," what exactly do you mean? What did he teach you?

My husband often says to the youth division members, "Young men should be trained, and young women shoud be raised." There is a nuance of strictness included in trained and a sense of nurturing in the word raised. I beleive that I was raised by my husband in this sense. In the area of faith also, I feel that my husband has taught me everything, including enabling me to be aware of the mission for which I was born into this world. When I have been late doing something or when I have made mistake in judgement - not in our private life but in relations to our public function - he has been strict.

There was one incident that affected me deeply. My husband had asked me to send a photograph to someone whose younger brother was seriously ill. My husband had taken the picture with him and his family during a visit to encourage the ailing man, and so when the photo was ready, my husband asked me to send it. It took me four or five days to get around to sending it, because I thought I should also write a letter to accompany it. We later found out that the photograph arrived two or three hours after the younger brother died.

My husband strictly admonished me about this. I had no excuse. I was extremely sorry and regretted that I had not sent the photo sonner. I'm fairly certain it was the first time that I was so shaken on account of something I had done. Needless to say, this was a severe lesson for me.

When my husband has admonished me, it has never been without good reason. On that occasion, I voiced my regret that I hadnn't sent the photo sooner. In response, he said, "Even if you express regret, there is nothing you can do about it now."

My husband is a born educator. No matter what the situation, he encourages each person to move forward cheerfully and with hope. He does this with me and with the children as well.

In the words of Mr. Ikeda:

"A wise mother is like the sun, making possible the growth and happiness of her children. A wise wife makes her entire house hold happy. A wife or a mother's smile also extinguishes any discord in the family. Nothing is greater than this. It is more powerful than words. Without a wife's smile, the family cannot become a tranquil oasis."

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