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Kaneko Story - The smile award chpater 5 (Last chapter - Continue....... part 3)

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Please tell us what you alone know about what the president is like.

I think the word sincerity exactly describes the real Daisaku Ikeda. He always keep his promises. He always does his very best to put people at ease, make them happy, and help them enjoy life. Ultimately, his public face and his private face are exactly the same.

As I observe from the sidelines, I am frequently concerned that he is exhausting himself. He is a man of action who is committed to his work, and his mind is always considering eight or ten things at a time, except perhaps when he is sleeping. This is why I try to make him rest. But then, the moment he opens his eyes, his brain starts working again, and his attention goes to many places. It's just the same now as when he was younger. Every day, he will sit at his desk to read a book, write a manuscript, or compose a poem. he never wants to quit working, so I am the only one who can restrain him even a little and urge him to conserve his energy.

My husband says, " I can understand getting angry with someone for not working, but I can't bear it when someone gets angry with a person for working too much."

Also, my husband meets many people in the course of his work, and he is very aware of an considerate of their needs. He is kind and caring when talking with someone. He knows how to sow appreciation by shining the spotlight on people who are working hard unbeknownst to others.

Since I have been with him for such a long time, I have learned alot of good things, but still there are many times when I realize something for the first time after my husband points it out to me. Therefore, I often liken my husband to a hare and myself to a tortoise.

Actually, I would rather think of us as a crane and turtle combination a reference to the symbols for longevity and devotion in marriage. I hope I can help my husband live a much longer and healthier life.

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2 Sensei and Mrs Ikeda love on Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:59 pm

Sensei and Mrs Ikeda's Love is so strong and profound with a share common mission

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