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Kaneko's story - Love and Marriage chapter 2 - continue...

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How did u feel after receiving such a romantic poem from the man you so admired?

The poem that he gave me was a love poem, so I was very surprised. Until that time, I had only admired him from afar. After receving the poem, I began to have feelings for him. I was surprised, but at that moment, I made up my mind. Daisaku sincerely tried to help me to develop myself. In matters of faith and in regard to Mr Toda, there was much that I did not understand at the time. Daisaku was already aware his mission in life. After we married, on the evening of his appointment as president, is like a funeral to me. I was responding to my usband's feeling is new responsibility would require his complete commitment of time and energy.

Mr Ikeda had this to say about their approaching marriage in his memoir published in the NihonKeizai Shimbun:

"Andre Maurois states, 'The condition that makes for a successful marriage is to have, during the engagement, the earnest desire to establish a bond that will last forever.' We spoke about facing many hardships together and encouraging each other as we moved forward.

"I asked her things like: There may be times when life is hard, but we msut keep going. What if I died young and you were left to raise our children by yourself?
Would be able to handle that? She smiled as she answered:'I can do it. Everything will be all right.'

"After confirming how we felt about each other, Mr Toda decided that he would approach our parents to get their support. Summer and autumn had passed, and I remember that it was a cold witner's day."

Please describe the path that led to your marriage.

My husband frequently tell young people, " A marriage is defined not by the mutual admiration two people have when they look into each other's eyes, but rather by the cooperative action they take as they look toward their mutual g
goals and strive to achieve them."

When we were married, Mr Toda told us: "When two people are in love and their relationship makes them better people, then that is a good love relationship. If, however, the relationship causes them to ruin their lives, then it is a bad relationship." Mr Toda's advice to us was quite clear about these kinds of things.

To be continue.....

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