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Kaneko's story - Love and Marriage chapter 2

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Kaneko sensed in him a powerful and expanding presence. There was something remarkable and appearling about him."

Kaneko Ikeda is a positive thinker. She evaluates every situation calmly and favours ideas that point in a positive direction. She took ownership of her experience and preceeded with confidence and responsibility.

Mrs Kaneko was becoming aware of the Young Daisaku as romantic young man with big dreams and a trustworthy character, a major shift was occuring in Daisaku Ikeda's heart. The young and determined Daisaku was surely aware of Kaneko's qualities. Their marriage would have a major impact on the future of Soka Gakkai.

Daisuku will stood out from everyone else. When my mother heard about it, since she and he were both leaders in same Soka Gakkai group, she called him "a big furoshiki" which is a cute way of calling him a big talker. I had different reaction. He impressed me as a powerful and dynamic person. Those qualities attracted me to him.

My husband once said, "dont worry, I'll just use that big furoshiki to wrap everything up and deliver.

When we met we walk together and talk about world affairs to the universe. Our discussion would range from stars in the night skyo t the state of Soka Gakkai and its future plans. I listened, trying to take it all in, but it was all I could do just to keep up with the grand scale of his thoughts.

Daisaku was attracted to the philosophy of Yukichi Fukuzawa, the founder of Keio University and often spoke of Fukuzawa's idea of "developing the mind of people," explaining it in a way that even someone like me could understand. After discussion like tis, DAisaku would recommend this or that book. He liked to discuss books with me.

Mr Toda declared at our wedding that "Men must have strength." I think that women are attracted to men who are both strong and uphold high ideals. In the address at our wedding, Mr Toda declared, "The kind of man who makes is wife and children worry cannot do great workin society."

An excerpt from Mr Ikeda's Memori published in Nihon Keizai Shimbum:

One day in July, I rushed into a member's home to attend a Soka Gakkai meeting. She (Kaneko) was the only one there. Outside, thunder resounded from near and far, but inside the quiet room, Silence reigned. Perhaps I should attribute what happened nex to my twenty three yr old brain cells, but I took a piece of paper lying nearby and penned a verse, which I handed to her.

I wrote, "Waiting out the storm,/Fiercely pounds my heart./Is is leaping at the thought of the storm?" I threw myself into writing and remember handing the bit of paper to her, and her wanting to read it right away, though she put it in her handbag when I told her, simply, "No, not now."

The rest of poem said: "No, I know it beats strongly but only in secret./Oh,my heart as found/In you a flowing fountain./It seeks in you a blossoming flower."

To be continue......

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