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Kaneko's story - Awaken to the Wonder of the Mystic Law

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Nichiren Daishonin, though facing momentous difficulties while in exile on sado Island, wrote to his followers, " I am praying that, no matter how troubled the times may become the Lotus Sutra and ten demon daughters will protect all of you, praying as earnestly as though to produce fire from damp wood, or to obtain water from parched ground" (WND-I,444).

Making these words our own, my husband and are always chanting strongly and fervently that will our fellow members throughout the world will be rigorously protected and that their countries will prosper in peace and security.

"Experiencing many ardships is actually a blessing. If everything always goes smoothly, we wont' really be motivated to apply ourselves all out to our buddhist practice nor, as a result, accumulate great benefit.

Everthing that happens in our lives has profound meaning. Even if at the time we cannot understand what it is, the meaning will definitely become clear to us later.

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