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Kaneko's story - Epilogue End

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1 Kaneko's story - Epilogue End on Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:58 pm

This must surely reflect the profound trust that you share with your husband.

Strong family ties depend on the mother.Create a strong foundation for your family. Ultimately, an important part of this is the mother's strength. Mother of the familyshould respect her husband and in natural course of everyday life, impart to the children that their father is central figure in the family.It is important for a woman to use wisdom in tis area and persevere. Nichiren desscribes the wisdom of women, saying, "Women support others and thereby cause others to support them." WND-I, 501. If family is solid and secure, then children can grow up happy and without worries.

Mothers and fathers have their roles and responsibilties in maintaining the family. If te family provides a firm foundation for their lives, children have the freedom to devote themselves to their studies and excel. Just as rich, fertile soil will produce healthy seedlings, the family becomes solid ground for the development of fine, well rounded human beings.

Mrs Ikeda: I trust my husband completely. Because our relationship is so strong, I trust him no matter what happens. When he was arrested on suspicion of election fraud, I recall being absolutely certain of his innocence. I knew tht there had to be some ulterior motive behind his arrest, and that intime the truth would surely come to light.

Takahiro: I think that as children we undertood that our father and mother trusted each other and were devoting themselves completely to helping other people and contributing to society.

Hiromasa: Father used to always tell us, "You must not be a bother to others," and "Never tell a lie." we knew our father was working strenuously in the outside world, so we wanted him to rest when he was home.

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