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Kaneko's story - Chapter 4 Living with a Trailblazing Husband - Last

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The most lasting impression.

Madame Deng and her husband had experienced together the hardships.In her inner garden, she had fragrant flowering crab apple and lilacs. Smiling, she told us. "Comrade Enlai and I loved flowers. He never had the leisure to enjoy them fully but I planted a variety of flowers in the hopes they would give him a peaceful setting in which to relax.

At Soka University cherry trees planted in her and her husband's honor. One tree had been named "Zhou Cherry Tree" and the other "Zhou Husband and wife Cherry Tree."

Before we left, my husband mentioned that he was planning to step down as Soka Gakkai president. Deng Yingchao unequivocally admonished him: " You must not quit! As long as you have the support of the people, you must not quit."

I recall that Madame Deng once told us: "When we were young, Enlai and I promised each other that we would serve the people. We will continue to keep this promise, even in death."

We vistied Russia, our trip took place during the height of cold war and we were criticized by people in society and even by some within Soka Gakkai for going to China and immediately continuing on the Soviet Union. When people as my husband why he was going to a country that denied religious freedom. He answer, "because there are people there."

In the message of hope for the future, he wrote, "The truimplant day will surely come when your sons will carry on the ambitions of the rector and become great scholars."

Both Daisaku and I have many unforgettable memories of our encounters with former prime minister Eisaku Sato and his wife, Hiroko. Mr Sato recieved 1974 Nobel Peace Prize and came with his wife all the way to Shinano-machi to visit.

Ministor Sato's near assassination. She writes:

The account is painfully vivid. She expressed to me in a motherly way, she was incredible optimist, magnanimous and always cheerfully telling me, as Scarlett O'hara in Gone with the wind said of life, "After all, tomorrow is another day."

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2 Common mission on Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:32 pm

All these great sucessful couple has one common principle.
Is their shared mission of husband and wife that they
hold on to and commit till the end.


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