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Kaneko's story - Chapter 4 Living with a Trailblazing Husband - Continue

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My husband was the person ultimately responsible for the Soka Gakkai, and he had to shoulder many different responsibilities. Nichiren Buddhism explains that the practitioners of the Lotus Sutra will be slandered and spoken ill of an will be subject to hatred and jealousy, and so my husband and I expect criticism and slander.

I got angry because some magazine publish outright untruths with no basis in fact. If false rumors that infringe on personal privacy and the rights of the individual can be called journalism, then the profession will be tarnished and lose its true value.

My husband would come home late at night, saying he was exhausted. He seemed worn out from considerable mental stress, but he could not fall asleep right away. Lying awake in bed, he would be thinking about thing or other. Our bedroom was on second floor and when I would get up early in the morning, he would also wake up.

There were also times when he would wake up in the middle of the night and ask me to write something down for him. When he exhausted, I would make a bed for myself in the hallway next to the bedroom so that I could get up early without disturbing his sleep. When we went abroad, I would sometiems sleep on a chaise lounge so that my husband could rest more peacefully. In the morning, as soon as he woke up, he would begin work at once.

On New Year's Day 1965 my husband begain righting his serialized novel The Human Revolution. It was published every day, include sunday, so the room next to the bedroom was equipped with a writing desk and manuscript paper so that my husband could start writing first thing in the morning.

I was also ready at any time to take dictation. Even so,his health failed, he said, "I will feel nauseous if I see another peace of manuscript paper,' So I removed the paper from view.

For a long time, our lives were too busy to get much sleep. When we went abroad, I would unpack the suitcases when we arrived at our hotel,

First I made sure my husband was resting. In the meantime, I would start cooking rice. Since there were no kitchen facilities, I would cook in the hotel bathroom, using protable gas stove we brought. This was my particular talent.

Bread did not agree with my husband at the time, so we brought rice and other things to accompany the rice that my husband could eat such as nori, soy sauce and mochi cakes. It was difficult to find Japanese food so I had to make do with what we brought. Menu was always the same, so I would rack my brain trying to come up with something different to serve

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