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NHR vol. 12

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1NHR vol. 12 Empty NHR vol. 12 Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:18 pm


Faith is the source of power that enable us to break through and transform our destiny, no matter how severe the hardships we meet or how fiercely the storms of karma blow. And that is what the Gohonzon is for.

Sensei said:

The Daishonin states: The stronger one' faith the greater the protection of the gods' (WND 614). The stronger your faith is, the more the protective forces of the universe will aid you. The Gohonzon is endowed with the immeasurable power of the Buddha and the Law.

It is by carring out our faith and practice in accord with the Daishonin's teachings - in other words, it is through the power of faith and practice that we are able to tap into that great benefit.

The secret to drawing forth the power of the Gohonzon is to chant with firm, pure-hearted determination and appreciation. Compared to the Gohonzon's enormous beneficial power, your wishes are small things indeed. I hope you will rouse ever-stronger faith and receive ever-greater benefits from your practice.

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