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Congratulation! 6 Jun 2010...

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1Congratulation! 6 Jun 2010... Empty Congratulation! 6 Jun 2010... Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:04 pm


Today ......
Yoshibo has encourage 7 people during Election Activity!
Yoshibo has more more more to encourage!
Yoshibo will break thru!
Yoshibo is True disciple!
Yoshibo is true Champion!
Yoshibo will gain total victory in 2010!

Yoshibo is Super Duper Naughty boy!!!! Shocked affraid

2Congratulation! 6 Jun 2010... Empty Ifu do do ! Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:19 pm



4Congratulation! 6 Jun 2010... Empty Sensei - Ifu do do Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:24 pm


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