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kaneko story Appendix A (Finshed)

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1 kaneko story Appendix A (Finshed) on Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:17 pm

A woman's victory in life, which flows into the lives of her entire family, relatives, and descendants like the power of sun, can impart benefit and good fortune to every person with whom she has developed a bond in this lifetime.

The prayers and actions of one woman can transform her family, the community, society and even the world. Therefore, what an even more powerful force for change can be realized when women unite in the cause of justice and a refusal to condone iniquirty and corruption.

Nichiren writes, "If the law that one embraces is supreme, then the person who embraces it must acordingly be foremos among all others (WND-I,6I). Just as he says, our soka family is unrivaled in the world; we uphold the world's supreme philosophy of happiness and peace.

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