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Mrs Kaneko's story chapter 3 Building a happy home (Final)

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Comment from Kaneko's sister-in-law, Miyoko Shiraki.

One day, Kaneko cut a whole bucketful of gardenia blossoms and washed them, petals, stalks, branches and leaves. She decorated the entire house with gardenias. They had such a wonderful fragrance. It was a small thing, but it make such a big differene in the ambience of the house.She rearranged this picture or moved that ornament from one place to the other, decorated with flowers, and put some thought into beautifying the entire hosue so that, when her husband came home, it seemed like atotally different place. "When Mr Ikeda opened the door, there was Kaneko, sitting very properly, waiting for him. On her face was a smile beautiful beyond words, and her manner was so natural. She greeted her husband smiling joyfully, and he was thrilled and relaxed to be home. Sometimes Kaneko would wear a kimono, or in summer a yukata. Mr Ikeda would tell her, "You look great."

My life consisted of waking up every morning and looking at my husband's face because I was worried about his health. His daily activities were often stressful, so at least when he was home, I wanted him to relax and rest both his body and mind. For that reason, I did everything I could, including decorating with flowers and sometimes wearing a kimono, to help im relax when he stepped through the door.

My husband liked to indulge the children and without hesitation, promised them things. He would tell me what he had promised, and I would get the items and put them on each child's desk at the appropriate time. This was one of the ways that I helped the children bond with their father and raise points for my husband.

Were both you and your husband passionate about your children's formal educaiton and school entrance examinations?

I was not overly concerned about the children's homework, becasue I am an optimist at heart. Hiring a tutor was my husband's wish to help the tutor, a student who was struggling financially to continue his own studies

When Shiroshisa was small, he caught a terrible cold. At that time Daisaku asked me how I was praying. I told him that I was praying that my son's cold not become too serious. but my husband said, "You should pray for him to never catch a cold." In this way, he taught me how to approach prayer. His chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo was focused and to the point; nothing was wasted. Once,when I said,"I intend to win," He told me,"Dont'say 'intend'; say that you will win." When it came to matters of faith, he was strict.

Mrs Ikeda's Optimist at heart" approach to life. A housekeeper in the Ikeda home recounted a story about Takairo from his college days.

"One evening, it was getting quite late, but Takairo still had not returned ome. Even after Mr Ikeda came home, there was still no sign of Takairo. Mr Ikeda seemed worried, but Mrs. Ikeda was very calm. "After some time had passed, Mr Ikeda said to her, 'What about Takahiro?'

"She replied:'He's probably still on te ocean. Isn't it better for him to be out boating with is friends than to be playing around downtown somewhere?'"

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