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1 Encouragement of members on Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:59 am


This is my experience between me and my first-born son.
About 10 years ago, my wife called me suddenly when I was working at my office.
She told me that my son was carried into a hospital from school by ambulance.
He seemed to have struck back of the head with some accidents.
When I rushed in hospital, my son sat on the bed and had a smile.
I spoke to him, but he answered nothing.
Doctor said to me that my son could speak nothing today because of a shock of accident.
Next day, I asked after his health at hospital.
He never spoke nothing, though.
Then, doctor called me to his office.
He told me my son’s examination outcome ponderously.
He said that half of his brain did not work.
This is to say, they had already died.
Once brain died, it never recover.
Doctor continued to tell me that my son became a hemiplegic patient and lost ability to say words unfortunately.
Why my son had a smile then?
Doctor said that my son wanted not to worry me.
I came back to my son’s hospital room.
He wrote message to me that he needed Omamori-gohonzon.
I gave him it quickly.
My son seemed to moan in his bed with Omamori-gohonzon.
I felt deep sadness to watch such a poor my son.
I have been practicing so hard till now.
And I had encouraged many members.
As for a leader of Soka Gakkai, I have been practicing since I belonged to YMD.
But why?
Why did I have to bear such a strong hardship?
I was doubtful of this faith
Even if I chanted daimoku, I had a suspicious mind.
However, many members encouraged me in the meeting, in zadanakai(座談会).
They sent much daimoku to my son, too.
Being encouraged by them, I started to chant daimoku serious again.
Sensei sent his message to our family, too.
My wife and I committed ourselves to support our son for our entire life with our strong faith and daimoku, especially with our Sensei in Soka Gakkai.
Since then, my son did his best for rehabilitation, too.
Surprisingly, he could stand up and walk little by little.
Moreover, he could speak in penny numbers.
Then, he could enter high school.
And then, he could sign up to join a gymnastics club when he became a third-grade boy.
When he finished high school, he recovered completely.
Doctor was so surprised to see how he was, too.
And doctor asked me to make a thorough examination of my son again.
In the result of a test, doctor and his staff knew that half of my son’s brain died but remaining brain worked for his dead one.
That was miracle.
No, that wasn't simple miracle.
That was a power of daimoku and encouragement from members.
In fact, I nearly lost my faith while I was a one of leader of Soka Gakkai.
What I was rescued was a warm encouragement from members.
Soka Gakkai is so wonderful!
What a warm organization it is!
From now, I decide to practice so hard for kosen-rufu and encourage all the members and friends of mine, too.
Thank you so much, my Sensei!

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2 威風堂々之歌 on Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:01 am



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3 とてもありがとう! on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:14 pm

This expereince is so amazing. The great benefits and actual proofs this family has recieved. The power of daimoku is great! Something touch me so much is the bond between the son and the father. He is so young and yet he can understand how worry will his father be by giving him a smile in such critical moment and one amazing thing is he ask for Omamori Gohonzon from his dad.
His son unfortunate accident has strenghten the whole family's faith.

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