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Sharing part of Kaneko's story - a conversation with Kaneko Ikeda - Chapter 1 A Young Girl Awaits her destiny (a women pespective)

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a) In what kind of family did you grow up, and what lessons learned from your parents do you cherish even now?

I had a very peaceful and harmonious family life. From my perspective and that of my siblings, my parents had a close relationship.

b)My husband often remarks that a harmonious family life is a precious and indispensable experience for the children as well as for the husband and wife.

c) When I married, my mentor Josei Toda, gave me a new name-kaneko- and wrote in Chinese characters in what was then the modern style

d) I have discussed this issue with my husband, and we agree that no matter what hardships one may have raising children, the lessons of raising them through those hardships become priceless treasures.

e) Finishing today's task today is a valuable habit that has been a great advantage in managing household accounts.When I got married, Mr Toda emphasized to me the importance of keeping household acounts,

f) July 19 YWD was formed, The plan was everyone sing together. Out of the blue someone appointed me to be the lead singer. I didn't know what to do but Mr Toda covered for me. Mr Toda said, "A leader must make sure that a colleague likes singing in front of people before asking her to do so. Mr Toda had come to my family's home for discussion meeting, so he knew me well and protected me at every opportunity.

g) I have found that making time for both Soka Gakkai activities and work or family responsibilities is easy to say but difficult to achieve. However the effort to balance both organizational and other responsibilities is important for one's future, because doing so expands one' state of life, bring good fortune and vitality and become foundation for a broader, richer life experience. chapter

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